Personal Training

Are you ready to have the body that supports the lifestyle you really want instead of the one you have been settling for? TJ will help you take back your health and well-being, and declare your intention for what you want in your own wellness.Ever wonder why some people are always working out but not really getting anywhere? Their mistake is that they are not incorporating a program complete with strength exercises, movement patterning, neuromuscular re-education (and rewiring), timing, and stretching. Everybody is different and should have a program designed to facilitate change to achieve their goal.

To perform exercises or movements your body is not prepared for can cause injury and slow your progress in reaching your goals. I will help by providing the proper movements for the abilities of your body and guide your progress as your body changes.


Nutritional Counseling

Personal Training isn’t just about strength and movement. It also involves maintaining a healthy diet to support your changing body. Learn accurate self-monitoring of food consumption and get help through the goal setting process with a written and personalized plan. Incorporate sound dietary changes and understand stimulus control – What triggers your eating? Replace unhealthy or negative thoughts and self-talk regarding food and weight loss with positive ones instead.

Food is a part of all aspects of your life. You eat many times and many things throughout each day. You eat at work meetings, when with friends, and at family gatherings. Eating is a way to celebrate, mourn, or even deal with stress.

Through the use of nutritional intervention strategies we will work to repair and restore your body’s ability to heal and address a wide array of health problems; including weight loss, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure or cholesterol, managing inflammatory diseases, allergies, and controlling chronic diseases or conditions.

With the right information and tactics for eating and losing weight you can create a body by design and not by default.

Private Yoga

  • Grasp the basics of yoga (three or more sessions are recommended)
  • Develop the confidence to practice yoga in a group environment
  • Experience a practice to fit your specific condition, desire, or need such as a sport or profession
  • Learn how to modify your practice while healing from an injury or surgery
  • Cultivate a practice that is therapeutic to manage or improve health issues
  • Deepen or develop your own meditation practice
  • Experience postures you may have been hesitant to try on your own
  • Yoga can help with joint stiffness and muscle weaknesses


Meditation offers a set of simple, yet powerful tools that can help heal past traumas.

Break cycles of depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, and emotional or hormonal dysfunction. Learn how to use real world applications of mindfulness and breathing to discover how to harness the power of these practices. Develop self-regulation skills for moment-to-moment resilience and non-reactivity. In addition to discussing relaxation applications we will explore effective solutions for many common stressful scenarios.

Strength and Conditioning Training

Strength is an important part of every day life. Each session is completely customized to meet your individual goals. TJ keeps you on track using the most up to date methods in exercise science. Your session includes exercises and homework to do during our time apart. While training you will also receive the added benefit of nutrition coaching at no additional cost to help you support the changes you are creating. As a part of your package you will also receive coaching to create healthy lifestyle habits to last a lifetime.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching is a process to facilitate and empower you to develop and achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness. I support you in mobilizing your insight, internal strengths and external resources, goal setting, action steps  and accountability while assisting you to develop self-management strategies to make sustainable, healthy lifestyle, behavior changes. Improve your health and your body composition without focusing on dieting or the the scale.

For coaching to be effective, you and your coach should be compatible. This compatibility should allow for trust, comfort and ease. You as a client must be coachable and be willing to be coached. Take our Coachability Quiz to see if you are are ready to be coached.

Then schedule your health coaching appointment

Health Screening

A health screening includes Weight, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Hip-to-Waist Ratio, and body fat percentage. Having measures of where your health status is helps you to know how to change it.

Metabolic Testing

As we age, our metabolism changes. Challenging situations such as stress, varying activity levels, dietary needs, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, illnesses, and changing medications affect our metabolism. Knowing how your metabolism is functioning helps to identify and develop the most effective path to help you reach your health and wellness goals.
Nutrition, movement, and proper structural alignment is key to longevity and an increased quality of life. Knowing your body’s resting metabolic rate helps you to understand your body’s daily caloric needs. This helps us know how much you should be eating to stay healthy and understand the health of your organs. This information is key to developing proper strategies to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Before your test

  1. A Metabolic Screening MUST be scheduled by phone a minimum of 3 days in advance
  2. Do not eat a moderate (~500 kCal) meal within 4 hours of your screening
  3. Wait at least 4 hours after moderate exercise; at least 12 hours after strenuous exercise for an accurate result
  4. Drinking water before the measurement is fine, but avoid drinking coffee, tea, milk, or other beverages 4 hours before the measurement