Are you ready to love your body again? TJ incorporates movement in all planes of motions to strengthen muscles, fascia, neuromuscular movement patterning, and cognitive function. These are important components to use to facilitate a change in your body and help you reach your health and wellness goals. TJ offers a variety of movement classes, wellness education classes and trainings.TJ offers modification of movement when your body isn’t quite ready to play along. She will also challenge you to not let yourself off the hook and to work just a little harder while guiding your progress.


Align and Restore Yoga

This is a unique class of breath, meditation and movement to help align your body before settling into an “active relaxation” allowing you to surrender deeply into each pose to calm your nervous system, sooth your senses and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Leave feeling rested, rejuvenated, lighter and calmer. A minimum of 3 participants are required to hold this class.

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Restorative Thai Touch

Restorative Thai Yoga is a unique class of  “active relaxation” combined with Thai Yoga Therapy Massage techniques. Props such as blankets, bolsters, balls, and sandbags are used to promote relaxation. Relaxing Yoga poses are held passively for 5-10 minutes allowing you to surrender deeply into each of the poses while intermittently experiencing components of a Thai Yoga Therapy session. These poses and techniques are calming to your nervous system, soothing to your senses and rejuvenating to your body and mind.

This gentle practice creates a foundation of relaxation resonating into all aspects of your life.  The benefits can be a positive influence on one’s ability to concentrate, gain confidence and stress reduction leading to a more productive, harmonious life.

A minimum of 2 participants are required to hold this class.

Yoga Body Lab

Classes are designed to move, lengthen, and strengthen you, to improve your breathing, strength and flexibility. You will flow through yoga poses to improve mobility, flexibility and strength. Each class will incorporate awareness and strength while moving through yoga poses. Equipment and weights may be used to help you improve balance, core strength and flexibility. No experience necessary!

Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm

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Barre is designed to help you achieve a sculpted dancers body utilizing fun ballet and yoga movements fused with stretching and toning inspired movements set to great music to improve balance and flexibility. Incorporates all the benefits of Barre with HIIT training to increase your metabolism through low-impact cardio and movement sequences to increase your stamina and endurance, tone your abdominals while increasing your stability and strength. Leave feeling poised and empowered with a continued calorie burn even after your workout is through.

Classes are Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm

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Wellness Warrior Training

I have spent more than a decade and over 10,000 hours teaching, training, researching and through personal experience developed this Wellness Warrior Training to include the necessary steps and tools to help you become the very best Wellness Warrior you can be.

Classes begin Tuesday, April 16th and run for 6 weeks every Tuesday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 9:00am. Click here to learn more about the upcoming classes.

Early Bird Pricing $298 Cut off date is March 19th
Regular Tuition $349
Last Minute $389 Goes into effect April 11th

Yoga Teacher Training

Earn a 200-Hour Yoga Certification recognized by Yoga Alliance and a lifetime of benefits.

Our Yoga Teacher Training provides you the fundamentals you need to become a certified yoga teacher or take your own practice to the next level. Ideal for beginning and advanced yoga practitioners, yoga enthusiasts, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and even the yoga curious.

You will gain powerful knowledge of movement practices and body awareness while embarking on a journey of self discovery and strength. Your personal yoga practice will be enhanced and expanded while you learn skills to teach yoga and transform your life and the lives of others.

Wellness Warrior provides an accessible approach to learning alignment. Anatomy, physiology, and movement paired with logical and practical hands on experience to motivate, excite and accelerate your results. Whether you decide to use this for your own personal growth or to teach yoga, you will be cultivating lifelong skills. These skills will give you the power and confidence to create, observe, and move through the many life lessons that yoga can heavily influence on and off the mat.

Learn to live your greatest life by design and help your students and those around you do the same.

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