Are You Thriving With Your Disease Management?

Hello. My name is Teri-Jo. I am an Integrative Health and Wellness Practitioner and graduate student studying well-being for my Masters degree in Human Performance and Nutrition at Liberty University.  You are invited to participate in an important research survey. I am conducting an exploratory survey into the Well-Being of Individuals Living With and Managing Disease. This survey can be done anonymously. If you are willing to complete the survey and you provide your contact information, you may be selected to participate in an exploratory study to study The Effects of Well-Being Coaching and Yoga on the Well-Being of Individuals Managing Diseas. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

In exchange for your participation and completion of the initial survey you will receive a FREE 20-minute Well-Being Coaching Strategy Session to go over your the results of your survey and be given actionable steps to improve your well-being. Upon completion of this initial coaching session you may be invited to receive up to six (6) additional FREE 20-minute Well-Being Coaching sessions or  to participate in up to six (6) FREE yoga classes that will be conducted at the Wellness Warrior yoga studio located at 9219 S Redwood Road, Suite B on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00pm.

Why This Survey and Study Are Important To Me.

My oldest child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after going into a diabetic coma at age 15. His blood sugar at the time of his diagnosis was 2051. The doctors had to keep him in a coma for a week to prevent brain damage. My husband and I did a lot of research and studying to help him (and us) understand this autoimmune disease and disease management. This is why I am passionate and eager to study the well-being of individuals with disease.

Thank you for considering participating in this survey and exploratory study. Below explains what is involved and you choose to participate you will be directed to the survey.

What is the survey for?

The survey aims to understand the perspective of what individuals with disease management and their well-being. 

What is the exploratory study for?

The exploratory survey aims to learn more about the well-being of individuals living with and managing disease. 

What are you asked to do?

For the survey you will be asked some questions about your well-being. The survey will take less than 3 minutes. It is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. Please take the time to complete all twelve questions you are free to skip any questions that you do not want to answer and submit the survey. However, if you choose to skip any answers your results will not be used. You do not need to include your contact information unless you would like to receive the results of your survey.

Who is being asked to participate?

Individuals of all ages are being asked to participate in this well-being survey and exploratory diabetes study.

Which data may be used in the study?

The study may combine your survey data (your answers to the survey you are about to fill in) with other information if you choose to share it, such as age, gender, and  disease. NONE OF THIS INFORMATION WILL BE USED TO IDENTIFY YOU. 

How will the information be stored and who will have access to it?

All of your answers to the survey questions will be kept secret by myself and the members of the exploratory study team who will have access to your data. It will not be used to identify you in anyway. Your personal information will only be used to link information from different data sources. Once your information has been linked any personal identifying data will be taken out. 

If you have any questions about this survey or what you will be asked please contact TJ Hansen at Thank you again for considering taking part in this survey and exploratory study project.

If you are happy to take part, please access the survey here and complete the survey.


Members of the Study Team

Teri-Jo D. Hansen, Integrative Rehabilitation Specialist, 


Teri-Jo, TJ, has completed many certification and trainings in a variety of health and wellness modalities to improve and integrate the body systems. These trainings, along with her graduate student program have prepared her to be the lead in this important and need study of well-being in individuals living with and managing a disease.

Dr. David Okubo, MD

Dr. Okubo is an endocrinologist who has offered to participate in the exploratory survey by acting as my internship supervisor and will provide any additional insight into disease management.

Dr. Suzie Carmack

Dr. Carmack is the owner and founder of YogaMedCo. She is one of TJ’s mentors and has been a great resource of information on bringing forth ideas and implementing ways to study and assess well-being. She along with Dr. Kennedy have worked on and developed the Koshas of well-being that is being utilized in the exploratory survey.

Dr. Suzanne Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy specialized in psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and neurology. She too has been a great resource in moving this idea forward. She will be aiding in the analysis of the gathered. She along with Dr. Carmack have worked on and developed the Koshas of well-being that is being utilized in the exploratory survey.