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If you would like to schedule an online therapy/health coaching appointment contact me at (801) 618-9750.

Fitness classes and Lunch and Learns are available via the links below. I look forward to seeing you in a session and on the inside!

Attending a live class? Click here:

Today’s November 11, Barre Core and More, class has been pre-recorded and is available here.

11:30 am – Barre Core & More – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
This class will challenge and improve your core with a variety of ballet, yoga and Pilates moves for core strengthening and stabilizing.

8:00 am Cardio Kickboxing – Tuesdays and Thursdays
Kickstart your Tuesday and Thursday mornings with this martial arts-inspired class. Light weights are an option as you punch, hook, uppercut and cross to tone your upper body and torso before kicking it into high gear burning extra calories with your legs. Finish feeling like you can do anything.

4:00pm – Myofascial Release, Self massage and Yoga to Relieve Back Pain – Tuesday and Thursday

This is a unique and gentle yoga class of myofascial release, self massage, movement, and breath to help calm your nervous system, ease back pain, improve digestion and soothe your senses.

This class will benefit anyone experiencing tightness or tension due to chronic pain, working from home, workouts, or athletic training.

Equipment you are encouraged to have available for class:
A tennis ball, racket ball, or myofascial release ball – a must have
Cylindrical foam roller – highly recommended
*Thick body towel
*Thick hand towel
*7’ rubber ball
*resistance band (one that fits around your legs comfortably just above the knees
*yoga strap

*Although not required to experience the class, they are helpful to achieve greatest results.

Features of these classes:
Effective methods for addressing soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue
Stretching to allieviate pain
Strengthening to balance joints

Beginners welcome

If Zoom asks for a Password to Access TJ’s Classes it is: OCTWell

Unable to attend or missed a class? Click on the class title below for the most recently recorded class in that format.

Barre Core & More

Cardio Kickboxing

Myofascial Release, Self massage and Yoga to Relieve Back Pain

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Working from home can be difficult and be both physically and mentally demanding. Be sure to check out November’s Lunch and Learn listed below. Kids at home too? Check out these resources to help keep your children happy and healthy so you can all work together to maintain and even improve your well-being.

Lunch and Learns

These lunch and learns are based on information and knowledge that I gained over the past year while completing my Masters Degree in Human Performance and Nutrition. Throughout my career and while working with clients at OC Tanner I began to notice a gap in an understanding of health management, misinformation, missing information, and knowledge that just is not being shared. To that end, I began to create a system of classes designed to help individuals improve their total health and wellbeing by providing important and necessary information and tools to enhance and optimize their lives. You just have to attend and implement them. Hope to see you in an online class soon!

Heart Health & GO RED

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, killing more women than all forms of cancer combined. Learn what it means to GO RED, the keys to maintaining optimal circulation, and how to take care of your heart, so it can take care of you.

February Lunch and Learn Dates:

Tuesday, February 18th, 11:15am – ADC
Wednesday, February 26th, 12:30pm – Carolyn C

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Your DNA is Not Your Destiny

Lifestyle change is more than just moving more and eating better, true change comes from our belief systems. Our beliefs have a strong impact on our behaviors – both positive and negative. In this session you will learn about the research showing how we have more influence over our genes and how they affect our health more than we might have previously thought.

June 10th recording

The Best Medicine is Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a new paradigm in health care. Learn how to work in partnership with health care professionals to help you maintain your health and in some cases possibly reduce and reverse disease prevalence. Learn about the key components of lifestyle medicine and how to begin putting them into action in daily life.

July 22nd 12:30pm Lunch and Learn Dates:

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Chronic Disease Common Denominator

When key bodily processes are damaged or harmed it can lead to more than just a health issue, but a whole range of chronic diseases. Learn about the common denominator for chronic disease and what actions you can take to prevent it.

August Lunch and Learn Dates:

Soon to be determined

Mindful Movement

Posture, alignment and movement affect your body’s ability to function properly. In this session you will learn key elements that play a significant role in preventing injury to keep you mobile and active, helping you to live life to the fullest.

Missed the class? Here is the recording

Disarming and Defeating Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a rapidly growing problem in the US and other countries such as Australia, India and China. It effects an individual’s quality of life and makes them more susceptible to other co-morbidities. Come learn about type 2 diabetes research and what modern sciences are showing can be done to help avoid, as well as manage and reverse the symptoms of diabetes.

September Lunch and Learn Dates:

Unable to attend: See the recording here.

Re-engineering Your Environment

Even the strongest of wills can be reduced by negative environments. Come learn the secrets to identify how and where you can incorporate and create healthy behaviors and turn them into lifelong healthy habits in this hands-on session.

Access via Zoom on April 7th 11:00am

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Dieting Success

Many diets promote weight loss through restrictive eating and calorie counting. This can be frustrating, difficult to follow, expensive, and leave you feeling hungry. Not a good formula for long term sustainable success. In this session, you will learn components of eating well, feeling satisfied and how to use it to protect against a wide range of chronic diseases.

October Lunch and Learn Date:

October 22nd 12:30pm: Join here

How to Relieve Back Pain and Improve Your Work Space While Working From Home

In this class you will learn how to improve your posture and alleviate back pain while working from home. Identify ways to improve your work space to optimize alignment and use your own body weight, a tennis ball and a foam roller (if you have one) to learn how to perform releases and break up trigger points to soothe tight fascia to improve blood flow and circulation to decrease pain and dysfunction.

November Lunch and Learn Dates:

Missed the class? Watch the recording here.

Strategies to Relieve Stress

Deciding to change isn’t always easy. It can be hard to break away from old habits and easy to fall back into them when things get tough. In this session you will learn stress relieving strategies to help you work through difficult times in a positive way to help empower you to stay the health lifestyle path.

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Fix How You Feel

How we move and what we do, think, and eat daily have significant effects on how we feel and how we show up in life. Come learn some of TJ’s top tips for feeling fantastic when life gets hectic.

December Lunch and Learn Dates:

Soon to be determined

If you would like to schedule a therapy appointment with me I am seeing clients at my West Jordan office located at 9219 S Redwood Road Suite B. When you arrive please plan to wash your hands before your therapy session.

Before scheduling an appointment please do a self-screen assessment.
1. Have you had any of the following symptoms recently?:
2. If so, have you been in contact with anyone who has recently been diagnosed with coronavirus?
3. Have you traveled recently? If so, where? Is this a high risk area for coronavirus?

If you answered YES to any of these questions please wait three weeks before scheduling an appointment.