About TJ

From a very young age I was intrigued by how the human body worked and was very active. I had a paper route, was involved in dance classes, skied, played soccer, volleyball and ran track. In PE classes, I would often lead many of the different group fitness activities. I loved movement from a very young age.

While working toward an associate degree I also became certified as a 200-hour yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor and certified aquatic fitness professional. While teaching an aquatics class I slipped on deck and needed a knee surgery which put me in physical therapy. I passionately began studying rehabilitation along with various forms of training and movement modalities, and began working in the physical therapy field.

In May 2005 I was rear ended by a car while stopped at a stop light injuring my hip, landing back in physical therapy again. In June 2006 I completed my associate degree and turned my studies to osteopathy and rehabilitation. December of that same year my oldest son and I were involved in motor vehicle collision. In March of 2007 my oldest son was admitted to the hospital in a comma with a blood glucose reading of 2051. A few months later our daughter decided she wanted to become a vegetarian and our youngest boy had developed food allergies. This fueled my curiosity into how food affects our health, well-being and our ability to heal.

In September 2007 I learned I needed a shoulder surgery and began interviewing physical therapist and surgeons to be a part of my “healing team”. I had my first shoulder surgery in December for a torn rotator cuff and spent the first few months of 2008 in physical therapy. As my shoulder was healing I turned my attention to completing the prerequisites to become a physical therapist assistant (PTA). I was back in school and began cycling and running again. Unfortunately, these athletic endeavors tore my meniscus and I needed another knee surgery and physical therapy yet again.

March 2009 another shoulder surgery and more physical therapy happened. The following year, 2010, I required a hysterectomy in March, a shoulder surgery in May including a biceps tenodesis, completed a bachelor degree in June, had another shoulder surgery in September to remove anchors that were in the joint space, received a bone tissue transplant, had a final shoulder surgery in December to reattach it. I was in an arm brace for nine months. All of these surgeries and medications left me with many food intolerances and lead to the development of many food and drug allergies.

My own challenges struck curiosities and brought me to do research and study the best ways to improve my own performance and discover ways to improve my own economy of movement in a pain-free environment. This path was not easy, yet it has inspired and empowered me to discover and enhance the best way to fully recover. I still continue to studying and learn which enables me to provide the very best up to date scientifically proven information to accompany the therapeutic health and wellness services I offer to clients.

What to Expect

Your treatment is a whole body focus and will adapt and change as you do. While your personal journey may vary, you can also expect:

  • Creativity – I meet you and your body where you are with  individualized care. Experience freedom, flexibility and pleasure in moving your body, in food choices and learning how to understand what your body needs and wants. I help you to become aware of the signals your body is sending and how to interpret them.
  • Advanced Knowledge  – Gain the skills to navigate your way through the ever-changing world of wellness and improve your overall health long term.  I use a combination of skilled clinical and orthopedic techniques utilizing assessments, manual therapy, therapeutic and functional strength exercises, inflammation and nutritional intervention to help you achieve optimal health and wellness results.
  • Support and accountability – Experience a balanced, enjoyable approach to creating a lifestyle of true health and not just a short-term health fad. Let self care become your new healthcare.
  • Consistency – I create an environment that helps you eliminate any excuses for not improving your health.
  • Working to be pain free – I work with you to improve your breathing patterns and reeducating your muscles to find your optimal postural alignment and movement alignment so you can sit, move and play pain-free.
  • Highly effective movement and nutrition strategies – Learn the most up to date information and strategies for using breath, meditation, movement and nutrition to improve your overall health and wellness.  I help you overcome your biggest obstacles so movement and nutrition become a priority.
  • Motivation and Inspiration – Receive tips and strategies for developing a healthy lifestyle placing a high priority on mindset, movement, education and nutrition. Gain excitement and enthusiasm about creating your new healthy lifestyle while building long-lasting habits.
  • Gain Confidence – You will gain the confidence that you are on the right track, creating long lasting health and wellness.
  • Measure and track your progress – This not only helps you to stay the course, it also helps you to see what you have overcome.  Gain the ability to understand what your body needs by tracking how you feel with food and movement helps you to course correct when necessary and create a program you enjoy.
  • Results! – Although I cannot be with you 24/7. I know that if you are willing to dedicate yourself 100% and following my recommendations, applying them daily, weekly, monthly and sticking with it, you will feel and see the results of creating long-term success.

My Education

  • Master of Science in Human Performance and Nutrition, Liberty University
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Sciences, Broadview University
  • Associate of Arts in Business Management, Everest College
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Myotherapy College of Utah


  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization – Basic and Advanced
    – Rocktape
  • Kinesiology Taping – Basic and Performance
    – Rocktape
  • Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition
    – eCornell University
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
    – The Biomechanics Method
  • Certified Barre Instructor
    – International Ballet Barre Fitness Association
  • Certified Visceral Techniques Practitioner (in progress)
  • Integrative Healthand Well-Being Coach
    – YogaMed Co

Continuing Education

  • Align and Define
  • EXSpeed Training
  • Functional Training and Assessment
  • Myofascial Release
  • Practical applications of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

My Philosophy

Your pain is as unique as you are. Pain is a whole body experience. When you are in constant pain it is easy to become comfortably miserable. It starts by ignoring the small whisperings of discomfort. Soon, before you know it, you don’t even recognize your body. A body that is in pain. This results in a variety of layers to work through to bring your body back into balance and alignment.

You are not just a body part in pain, with dysfunction or injury. I see you as a whole person. You have a rich history of movements, patterns, behaviors and habits that are sprinkled with small insults to your body. These show up in your body as discomfort.  Discomfort causes dysfunction. Dysfunction causes pain and can create disease. Understanding the hows and whys of your pain pattern is as important as getting out of pain.  I show you how to change your trajectory while navigating your way back to health and wellness.

Wellness is not something that can be obtained. Wellness is a dynamic relationship with your body, food and the stresses we experience on a daily basis. Transformation can be and is often tricky. This is why doing your “homework” between each of our sessions is so important. When you do the work, you improve your outcome. And you continue on your journey towards enhanced awareness and transformation. Consistency is the key to long lasting change.

Developing a Warrior Mentality

You cannot improve your wellness with the same thoughts and actions that diminished it. Therefore, you must develop a warrior mentality. Warriors are not constantly at war. However, they are constantly practicing and preparing. Warriors are persistent and vigilant in their pursuits. Always at the ready to take action.

We work together to help you identify and overcome your challenges – physically, mentally and nutritionally, while helping you to improve your health and wellness. Creating your body by design.